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Your professional luxury partner in Switzerland

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Trip, to tell you we cover any distance.


Our agents operate from Switzerland and can travel throughout the country and abroad if necessary.

A globe for global services and services around world.


All our private drivers speak multiple languages, so you will have no difficulty communicating with them if needed.

Blind eye for discretion and confidentiality.


We are accustomed to working with individuals of very high public or political importance, which is why we are bound by professional secrecy and do not disclose the names or information of our clients

Timer fort reliable and fast.

Care and speed

We strive to always be on time to serve you. Our agents will be dedicated to your journey, taking the time to drive safely and comfortably to ensure you reach your destination.

Shield Icon for safety and security


Just like confidentiality, we work with highly placed individuals. That's why we prioritize safe driving and aim to avoid drawing attention to our vehicles.

Our mission

We take you there







Our mission is to provide you with all the necessary comfort during your business trip or family vacation. So you can enjoy to the fullest without worrying about your transportation and safety, we carefully select our vehicles and the agents who will accompany you.

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Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do you transport important or politically exposed personalities?

Indeed, our company has significant experience in providing transportation services for embassies and politically exposed personalities. However, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of our clients above all else. Therefore, we never disclose sensitive information about our clients for security reasons.

In which area do you operate?

Our offices are based in Geneva, but our reach extends throughout Switzerland and abroad. No matter where you are, we are prepared to meet your transportation needs.

How can I communicate with your drivers if needed?

All our agents are multilingual, proficient in several languages. Hence, you will have no difficulty communicating with them, whether it's in French, English, Spanish, Russian, German, or Arabic, to address your specific needs.

How do you ensure passenger safety?

Our drivers are highly trained and undergo specialized training to assess and effectively respond to potentially dangerous situations to ensure the safety of our clients.


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